5 tips for boxing lover

You love boxing right. Are you aware of this fight is now the talk of the town? The battle between Mikey Garcia and Spence junior? It is not astonishing if you don’t know, but if you are a boxing fan, this is a clash that you should not miss.

5 tips for boxing lover

However, with our limited time, finding an opportunity to sit and see this event is sometimes a dream for some of us. To make matters worse is how it is difficult to stream when outside the UK or US. It is with such reasons; we prepare these 5 tips for a boxing lover. What are these tips about? It is about how you watch this event free from anywhere.

Ok, let us set our boat sailing.

  1. Plan your time

The first thing you have to do is to arrange your schedules. Know the day of the match, which has been announced to be on the 16 of March. So make all your programs are organized before that date.

Though the event won’t take the entire day, when it finds on a busy schedule you may end missing the fight.

2. Know the broadcasting channels
After planning your schedule and finding some free time to watch this event, it is now time to think about what channels will be airing this event. Why? This event will not be just on any platform.

With the agreement that FOX has signed with Premier Boxing Championship, the fight will rarely be found on other channels.

So, be sure that you can tune to FOX. There are other subs of FOX such FOX app that will also be part in covering the live event. However, FOX has some geographic limitations.

To overcome this, consider the next tip.

3. Know how to eliminate geographic limit if any

If you are outside the UK or US, get a reliable VPN, and you will stream the fight like any other person.

4. Make sure you have reliable internet

Remember if you are watching online, you need a reliable internet connection. You don’t want some annoying buffering when the fight is high. You won’t like it.

5. Read other streaming guides

There are other sites online claiming that they will also cover the fight. Others have added Spence vs Garcia fight live streaming guide. So check on them to have some more ideas.

By these five simple tips, you will be sure to enjoy the fight when Garcia moves some weight class to challenge Spence Jr.