Watch Bathurst 1000 from different parts of the world

Do you love car racing? Are you aware that your favorite motorsport event is happening this month? If not, be aware that Bathurst 1000 is scheduled from the 15th of this month.

Motorsport is one of the most popular events in Australia after the Melbourne Cup. And if you are a real racing fan this is one of the events not to be missed. As you watch this upcoming edition of Bathurst 1000, you will be among the millions of fans using their various streaming devices, cable television or other means to catch the event.

Although this event has attracted more fans not only in Australia but also in different parts of the world, it is usually a challenge for many of these fans to see their favorite event.

But for you who are here whether you are looking for Bathurst 1000 live stream 2020 or not, you have the right opportunity to view Bathurst 1000 in a number of different ways regardless of your geographic location.

Ok, let’s sail our boat.

Watch Bathurst 1000 online


Are you in Asia and want to see the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 live? Don’t look anywhere. Fox Sport is still the channel to cover your favorite event. The Fox Sports channel is available in Southeast Asia and is shown on most of the region’s pay-tv platforms.

So if you are in Asia and want to catch up on everything that will happen at Mount Panorama in Australia from October 15th, when different riders with expertise battle it out for the crown of the king of the mountain, Fox Sports is the channel to tune in.

Based in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia and currently operated by Fox Networks Group Asia Pacific, the Hong Kong and Southeast Asia based sports channel ensures you don’t miss out on your favorite motorsport that you dearly want to watch.

However, you will have to pay a small subscription fee if you don’t want to miss out on anything regarding this upcoming edition. This can include practice laps, the actual race, or the final event of the day when the Mountain King is crowned.


For those who are in Europe and also want to see the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, Euro Sport is the channel that got you covered. The Pan-European channel, available on most television networks across Europe, is owned and operated by Discovery, Inc. It will be one of the channels broadcasting the event across Europe.

Fans from Austria can watch from SevusTV. The TV station based in Wals-Seizenheim is one of the most popular stations in Europe. Its name was derived from a common greeting that is popular in Eastern and Central Europe.

In UK, sky Sports is the channel. Sky Sport is available on most of the world’s satellite TV platforms and will be one of the top channels broadcasting the upcoming Bathurst 1000.

North and South America

North and South American fans can appreciate their favorite event from NBC Sports and Sports TV, respectively.

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