How to watch The French Open on TV

French Open is one of the most popular tennis tournaments, and its demand that it commands from its fans is remarkable.  Making it to the match venue for most people is not possible, but missing the action is not an option. Knowing the demand that it commands, it has become very easy to watch French Open on TV as there are several channels across the globe that will be live broadcasting the event.

Being an international sport, various TV channels across the world have broadcasting rights, and therefore you need to know which channels in your country will be broadcasting the event. Some of the channels that will be broadcasting the French Open tournament are as follows:

In France, to catch the action, you will need to tune in to France TV Sports channel, or you can opt to watch the tournament on Eurosport 1 or 2. Across the United Kingdom and Europe, you can tune in to NOS, SSR, SRG, ITV Sport, Euro player or Setana Sports channel to catch the action.

To watch this second Grand Slam of the year for those located in America, you will have to tune in to NBC Sports channel or the Tennis Sports channels.  For fans located in the Middle East region, you do not have to worry about missing the French Open tournament as you can tune in to beIN Sports channel and enjoy the experience.

French Open fans in Asia and Africa will not be left behind in watching the tournament as there are also channels in these regions that will be broadcasting the event. If you are in Africa, you can tune in to the SuperSport channel, and if you are in Asia, the Star Sports channel will let you enjoy and follow the tournament as it will be taking place. For Australian fans, the broadcasting rights lie with the Fox Sports channel which will be broadcasting the French Open live action.

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